About Us

Thank You for Making Our Dreams Come True

Kava was conceived over a text message on a random summer day in June, and from that moment when Owen and I committed to making the dream a reality, it has been a long but fulfilling road. Everyone on Team Kava team plays a pivotal role in our success. From the designers, social media content creators, friends, and of course our extremely supportive family members, it has given Kava a chance to grow. Opportunity is what makes Team Kava so special, and the opportunity to bring our product to your doorstep is truly an honor. It takes a lot to do so, but we are firing on all cylinders, loving every minute of this journey. So, thank you, as we are all a part of Team Kava.

Meet Our Team:


Aidan Franzke

Co- Founder and Co-Director of Operations

Owen and I went to college together and became best friends. I happened to graduate a year early, leaving us 6 hours apart. Terrified of the world and bored on a random day, I figured “why not” and I told Owen that we had a special opportunity to create something. Being the best friend that he is, he did not ask too many questions (we don’t suggest this), and from that point we simply dove headfirst into Kava. Being able to work with our team day in and day out has been nothing but surreal, but especially spending more time with my best friend is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. 


Owen Hankinson

Co- Founder and Co- Director of Operations

Growing up and playing golf, my dream was always to play the sport at a higher level. Although that dream never came true, my love for the game has never stopped. So, when Aidan told me to call him and that it was urgent, I did, thinking it was good news that he was going to Graduate school back in Rochester, but what he asked me was even better, and it has been 0 to 60 ever since. We never stopped to ask if we were doing the right thing, or if this was going to work, and we still haven’t. I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do, and we hope you come back to see our future designs.